Zero Pressure Washing Extends the Life of Your Roof

Zero Pressure Washing Extends the Life of Your Roof

Most of our customers are familiar with traditional pressure washing techniques. They’ve likely seen how pressurized cleaning can improve the look of home exteriors or driveways. However, there is another service that Westlake Home and Commercial offers that can extend the life of a key component of your home’s exterior – your roof. Westlake Home and Commercial utilizes Zero Pressure Roof Washing to cleanse and protect your home’s roof without the damage that could occur with higher pressure systems.

That's not a new roof in the after photo. Our roof washing services will rejuvenate and restore your roof. Learn More >
That’s not a new roof in the after photo. Our roof washing services will rejuvenate and restore your roof. Learn More >

More Than Just Looks

As the years pass, you may notice that your roof has darkened or developed stains in certain locations. This discoloration is the result of a buildup of environmental toxins and the growth of fungi such as mold and mildew. These accumulated growths are not just unsightly; they can significantly impact the strength or your roof and your family’s health.

By using Zero Pressure Roof Washing to remove these harmful materials, you’ll improve your home environment and prevent costly roof repairs in the long run.

Fighting Bacteria & Fungus

The streaks you see staining the surface of your roof are more than likely the result of a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Other rooftop contaminants such as algae, fungus, moss, and lichens can eventually break down the materials in your roof. Sometimes these culprits can be difficult to detect, causing damage before the homeowner is even aware of the problem.

Why are these organisms so harmful? Fungi and algae thrive on the limestone fillers found in shingles. Once they begin to form, they metabolize these materials, and their waste will decompose your roof over time.

The High Cost of Heat

Over time, as your roof becomes covered with more and more mold and dirt build-up, the color darkens. This darker roof coloring will cause your roof to absorb more heat, leading to higher energy costs.

If you live in a warmer climate, like Austin, your home is especially susceptible to the increased indoor temperatures and higher cooling costs brought on by a darkened or stained roof. Westlake Home & Commercial’s Zero Pressure Roof Washing will help you keep your attic cool and your utility bills in check when temps are on the rise.

A No-Pressure Solution

Standard pressure washing can cause significant damage to shingles and other roof types. We never apply this method to your home’s roof. However, a professional Zero Pressure Roof Washing from our team will help you stave off the costly consequences that can occur when rooftop contaminants are left to thrive.

Our cleaning service will remove harmful buildup, brighten your home’s appearance and extend the life of your roof. When your roof is clean, you’ll enjoy lower indoor temperatures, monthly energy savings and a healthier home environment.