Humble Austin Roots

Humble Austin Roots

We weren’t always the company we are today. In fact, here at Westlake Home & Commercial Services, we come from humble beginnings. There were no huge initial investments, nor did we have any notoriety around the city of Austin at the time. JT Hasty, our founder, understood and believed in the benefits of power washing so much so that he spent every last dollar he had on his first power washer. JT was convinced that once people saw with their own eyes how transformative a simple, relatively inexpensive, power wash was, he would have a thriving and successful business.

The Austin State of Mind

Initially going door to door in Westlake Hills and Tarrytown, JT quickly built a strong customer base. As more and more people saw their backyards, patios, driveways, roofs, etc. completely revitalized in just a couple of hours, more and more people wanted their homes power washed. Through dedication and ‘doing it the right way,’ we gained the respect of the greater Austin community, and over time became the stalwart Austin power washing company we are today.


Remodeling an Unnecessary Expense?

Landscaping companies will attempt to convince you that you need new stone, new siding, or new concrete for your driveway. It is in their best interest that you completely redo your patio, siding, backyard, and driveway at an inflated cost. Most of the time, however, this is an unnecessary expense. Just because your home’s outward appearance may look filthy, decrepit, and unsalvageable; that’s likely not the case. A professional power wash may be the wiser, more practical option. So many of our customers are blown away after we’ve revitalized their homes, and they are thrilled that they didn’t have to shell out thousands for a complete remodeling.

Way More Than Just Power Washing

Over the years, we’ve diversified our residential services, and we now offer everything from tile and grout cleaning to mold removal. Because of our wide range of services, we can evaluate and conduct a walk-through of the entirety of your home—seeing what is in dire need of restoration and what isn’t. It is important that when you do decide to hire for a large scale cleaning or even just a single project, you go with a company that has experience washing with both a powerful and delicate touch (roofs, for example, require a much more moderate amount of pressure). Our extensive experience with Austin style homes and Austin’s climate allows us to predict the particular services that are most crucial for your home, and to help you weather Austin’s dramatic seasonal changes.