One-Stop Top to Bottom Service for Your Home

One-Stop Top to Bottom Service for Your Home

Renewing all of your home’s surfaces with just one appointment

So you’ve decided it might be time to tackle some much-needed home maintenance and cleaning. Perhaps your home is looking a bit tired, and you want to make it sparkle like it used to. As you start to think about all the different parts of your home that need care, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Life is hectic enough, and the thought of juggling multiple companies or contractors to bring your home’s surfaces to life might feel like an undertaking you just don’t have time for.

Fortunately, at Westlake Home and Commercial we make it easy for you. We are your one stop shop to renew all your home’s surfaces in a single afternoon. Rather than needing to coordinate with different entities to clean your windows, roof, driveway, tile, and more, we have both the experience and the equipment to complete the entire job at once with little to no disruption to your living space.

Customized care for your home

So, where do we begin? We will meet with you to assess your specific needs and deliver a set of services that are customized to your home’s condition. Depending on your concerns, we are pleased to offer any combination of the following services to our residential customers:

    • Home Exterior Washing:
      We offer low-pressure washing using a safe soft washing process that will remove mold and debris without damaging your home’s exterior.
    • Window Cleaning:
      We provide options for interior or exterior window cleaning (including sill cleaning) with specialized equipment.
    • Zero Pressure Roof Wash:
      Protect one of your home’s most important components by safely cleansing your roof of harmful buildup.
    • Power Washing:
      We can make your deck, patio and pool deck look like new again with our power washing services.
    • Driveway Cleaning:
      To tackle driveway grime we use a steam cleaning system to remove unsightly stains.
    • Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning:
      Our rotary steam cleaning service is built to tackle high-traffic areas of your home like kitchens and bathrooms, safely removing buildup without harmful chemicals.
    • Wood Restoration:
      Our specialized wood restoration techniques will bring your deck and exterior wood surfaces back to life safely.
    • Carpet Cleaning:
      Our award-winning carpet cleaning services will ensure that your home is a clean, welcoming environment for your family and your guests.
    • Gutter Cleaning:
      Leave the ladder in the garage and let us tackle your gutters.
    • Boat Dock Cleaning: Enjoy the lake, and let our mobile boat and dock cleaning crew make sure that your waterfront areas look their best.
    • Water and Flood Damage:
      In the unfortunate event of water damage, we have specialized fans and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from affected areas and prevent further damage.

Shining homes, happy customers

The Westlake Home and Commercial team has been serving both residential and commercial customers for over 15 years, and we’ve built a reputation for convenience, quality, and unmatched customer service throughout Texas. Contact us today to learn more about the many ways we can help keep your home in top condition!