Get Your Backyard Cookout-Ready

Get Your Backyard Cookout-Ready

Redoing Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

Every January, interior designers round up a list of trends that are no longer popular and forecast those they think will be big in the year to come. Since our relationship to our homes changed so drastically in 2020, it’s no surprise that 2021 will see many homeowners renovate, redecorate, and reprioritize what’s important for them in terms of design. 

Designers predict that we’ll gravitate towards oversized, plush seating, bolder, more maximalist decor, and, you guessed it, fully-outfitted outdoor areas for entertaining.

entertaining outdoor space

Creating an inviting outdoor space with a fire pit, a table, and glowing lights is the number one priority for most homeowners this year, so they can have a safe and fun space to host intimate gatherings. 

But, before you call up your contractor or dive into do-it-yourself videos on Youtube, there’s one thing you must do before you embark on the adventure of creating an outdoor oasis at home.

Start Fresh by Power Washing Your Space

You can’t renovate or even restyle a space before cleaning it thoroughly. And the quickest and most efficient way to clean your backyard or patio is to power wash it.

The joy of entertaining comes from feeling proud of your home as family and friends surround you. It’s hard to enjoy hosting when you’re constantly worried about how your house looks. Plus, no one wants to eat surrounded by dirt, mold, and mildew. 

Whether it’s a stone patio that’s been discolored beyond recognition, a brick walkway that’s become its own ecosystem to moss and lichen, or an old and stained wood deck, power washing can bring any surface back to glory.

If you’re re-staining your deck, it’s even more imperative that you power wash it beforehand. If your deck is not free of dirt, dust, grease, and mildew, stain or paint will have trouble sticking to the wood, leading to premature peeling. Plus, the old stains will still be visible through the new coat, rendering your efforts wasted.

power wash a patio

Don’t Attempt to DIY Cleaning

It may be tempting to try to clean your patio or deck by yourself, especially if you’re spending money on new outdoor furniture or working with an interior designer. The problem is, patios and decks are exposed to the elements 24/7, and getting the grime off of stone, brick, wood, and tile is next to impossible.

More importantly, power washers are powerful machines that can be dangerous in inexperienced hands.

Pressure washing can ruin your deck if misused, not to mention siding. It can also cause bricks and stone to chip, or worse, even hurt the user if mishandled. 

Power washing is best left to professionals with proper technique and the experience to know just how much pressure to use for each type of surface.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Furniture is Guest-Ready

Maybe now isn’t the best time to buy an entirely new set of outdoor furniture. No need to worry! When you book us for a professional deck and patio cleaning service, our team will wash all of your outdoor furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) included with service at no additional charge so you can feel confident inviting guests over.

power washing a deck

Invest in a Fun 2021

Ensure that your backyard or patio will be in tip-top shape by the time spring and summer come around; get it professionally cleaned ASAP! You’ll have a fresh start and be able to let your imagination run wild as you style your space and create a sanctuary. Click here to get started with a free estimate or call us today at 512-280-1649.