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 Water Reclamation Pressure Washing Service

When performing pressure washing service, our team can collect, clean, and properly recycle all wash water. Austin city ordinance does not allow the disposal of water with oil or pollutants. We help organizations stay compliant with all EPA and Austin city ordinances.

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EPA Certified. We Recycle Wash Water. Removing Oil and Pollutants.

While washing parking lots, parking garages and other commercial property, we’re able to capture 99% of wash water. Our state of the art equipment is then able to filter the water and recycle it down to only ten parts per million. Parking lots and parking garages tend to have a lot of motor oil, making proper use of water reclamation essential.

Got an Oil Spill? Our team can properly clean it up

If you have an oil spill on your property, we can help you recover. Our highly-train team has the expertise to clean the up the spill. Our water reclamation process ensures that your cleaning complies with all environmental laws.

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