Selling Your Home: Putting Your Best Face Forward

Selling Your Home: Putting Your Best Face Forward

So your client is ready to sell their home. Perhaps they’ve outgrown the space, or are in need of a change. So to command the best price and sell a property quickly, you know the home needs to look its absolute best. You’ve begun the process of staging the home, helping remove the clutter and bringing in furnishings so that potential buyers can see the property’s full potential when they walk through the front door. Or maybe your clients are taking the DIY approach, finally getting around to painting those baseboards, updating lighting fixtures and ripping outdated carpet. Either way, putting a home’s best face forward is critical for the success of a sale.

Clean Curb Appeal

When potential buyers see accumulated dirt and grime on a home’s exterior, they might worry about the overall condition of the home. They may be fearful that the home has not been well cared for or maintained, and they’ll start thinking about the added cost of repairs that might be needed. But a professional power washing from Westlake Home and Commercial Services will help allay these fears, making a property look years younger. Just like you wouldn’t put a used car on the lot without a good detailing, you won’t want to list a home without a similar attention to cleanliness of the exterior.

Staging To Sell (Inside & Out)

The staging process that happens prior to putting a home on the market can be time consuming, costly and stressful. So at Westlake Home and Commercial Services, we’re here to make the process easier for you. As a real estate professional, you know firsthand the importance of curb appeal, and a home’s exterior communicates volumes to the potential buyer. Your clients might be thinking of reseeding the lawn, filling planter boxes with some annual blooms, or painting that front door an inviting color. All of these tasks can certainly add value, but what about the overall cleanliness and condition of the property’s exterior?

You wouldn’t dream of inviting potential buyers into a dirty or unkempt home. That’s why you advise your clients to dedicate time and resources (and elbow grease) into polishing the living spaces prior to showings and open houses. Sometimes realtors spend thousands of dollars on staging the interiors of the homes they’re selling, but those efforts can be undermined if the home’s exterior is lacking.

Make A Great First Impression With Us

If the first thing a potential buyer sees upon approaching a property is an oil stained driveway, a blackened walkway, or windows, siding and a roof that haven’t been power-washed in years, you’ve missed an opportunity. Let Westlake Home & Commercial services help you make a great first impression with our professional cleaning services. We do it all, from window cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, to wood restoration and roof washing. As Austin’s trusted source for residential and commercial cleaning, we’ll help you help your clients make their property shine when it comes time to sell.

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