Make A Splash This Summer With Westlake

Make A Splash This Summer With Westlake

Perhaps you remember the dog days of your childhood summers, splashing in cannonball formation into the backyard swimming pool. Grinning from ear to ear you probably spent countless hours with the other kids from the neighborhood laughing and playing, only taking a break when dad called you to the patio to enjoy lunch hot off the grill. For many of us, summertime still holds a kind of wonder. We think of those times with the joyful nostalgia of yesteryear, recalling the happy memories we made under the Texas sun.

These days, we might not have as much time for poolside popsicles as we used to. But at Westlake Home and Commercial, we’re committed to helping you keep your outdoor spaces shining so you can relax in the shade and enjoy summertime once again.


Maintaining Your Oasis

As adults, many of us have sought to recreate the experience of those happy summertime memories for our children, friends and families. We’ve installed or purchased pools and patios, boats and docks for our homes, all meant to be enjoyed with the people we care about.

Maybe you’ve glanced out your window at your pool on a hot day, considering a dip to cool off. But when you noticed the algae buildup on the deck you decided you’d rather stay inside. Or perhaps you’ve considered hosting that Fourth of July barbeque you’ve been talking about for years, but the thought of spending hours in the hot sun scrubbing to rid your backyard of grime keeps you from sending those invitations.

An outdoor oasis is no small investment. Aside from the initial installation and material costs, it takes routine maintenance to keep these areas of your home clean. Summer seems to speed by so quickly, leaving only a short amount of time for these spaces to be used. But by their very nature, these areas are especially prone to an accumulation of mold, mildew, and debris that could prevent you from enjoying them as they were intended.


Hassle-Free Summertime Service

At Westlake Home and Commercial, we believe that backyards and outdoor spaces are best enjoyed with friends and family in a safe, clean environment. Our pressure-washing services are designed to tackle everything you need to enjoy summertime outdoors including your patio furniture, stone walkways, deck, and pool.

By taking advantage of our hassle-free cleaning service, your outdoor areas will be sparkling and ready for summertime entertaining. Let us handle the cleaning so that you can spend your time enjoying more important things – making backyard memories with the people that matter most.