Spring Cleaning with Westlake Home & Commercial

Spring Cleaning with Westlake Home & Commercial

Springtime in Texas means something different to residents of this great state. While our friends up north see the season as the breaking of winter and the return of warmth, we haven’t stopped sweating since the end of summer. For Texans, spring means wildflowers, baseball games, and the return of poolside BBQs.

However, one thing we do have in common with the rest of the world is spring-cleaning. With tourists flooding in for SXSW, graduations, and multiple other occasions, you’re bound to entertain visiting friends and family members. Make sure your home is in tip-top condition before the busy season overwhelms you– we can help!

Wash Those Windows

With waves of different Texas trees, plants, and wildflowers blooming and fading throughout the spring months, your windows may start to cloud up with excess pollen that sticks to the glass and screens. See clearly again with our expert window cleaning services.

We work with your schedule so making an appointment is easy– no matter how busy you are this season. Whether your home is large or small, we put the greatest attention into each and every pane, so pollen, dust, and grime are obliterated by the time we’ve finished the job.

Give Your Patio a Pick-Me-Up

Your deck is the center of activity whenever the weather’s nice, so it needs extra care and attention. We offer specialized power washing services specifically designed to clean and restore your patio without damaging it. Dirt, mildew, mold, and algae don’t stand a chance against our experts.

Be sure to ask about our patio-stone sealing service, as it will preserve the look and life of your stone for years to come. Do you have issues with slippery stone surfaces? We’re also able to include an additive in the sealing process that eliminates slipperiness, and alleviates poolside accidents.

Professionally cleaning your patio doesn’t just help it look great today, it will help prevent rot and damage so your deck is in great condition for years to come. Plus– at Westlake Home & Commercial, we offer complimentary outdoor furniture washing so you get even more bang for your buck.

Tune Up Your Tile

Nobody’s perfect– sometimes you slip up and go a little too long without cleaning the bathroom. Or, maybe there’s still some evidence of the carnage wreaked in your kitchen over the holidays. No worries! Our services make your aged and/or tarnished tile and grout look new again.

We adapt specialized cleaning methods for your home so you get the best results. Finally, we apply our uniquely formulated sealant so your floors, walls, and counters look cleaner for longer. Breathe new life into your kitchen and bathroom this spring with our tile and grout cleaning services.

Dust Off Your Dock

If you own or rent a waterfront property, you know the sheer amount of debris that accumulates around your dock area is astounding. Spider webs, droppings, dust, and mold all pile up in and around these mini-ecosystems. Instead of dealing with the upkeep yourself, enlist our team of experts for cost-efficient boat dock cleaning services.

For just $49 a month, we’ll come to your Lake Travis or Lake Austin home and pressure wash your dock using our unique, boat-mounted cleaning equipment. We use water from the lake itself to do the cleaning—because if you live by the water, you know just how important conservation is. Lastly, we use a deterrent treatment to keep spider webs and mildew away, so your dock remains a happy, healthy place to enjoy the lake all summer long.

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