Roof Washing – A Nasty Roof To A Beautiful Home

Roof Washing – A Nasty Roof To A Beautiful Home

Chances are you probably don’t think about the roof on your home that often. This can be a mistake in the long run. Your roof bears the brunt of environmental forces, and yet it is often neglected. Many people don’t exercise proper maintenance and end up having to deal with a costly replacement that can exceed insurance premiums. Don’t wait until it’s too late to save your roof– whether it’s asphalt, tile, metal, wood, or slate, we can help keep your roof in tip-top shape (pun intended).

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Remove Stains and Moss

Have you ever seen those icky black stains streaking across an older house’s roof? Those stains are actually caused by algae and can cause premature rotting and other damage to your shingles. Furthermore, moss and molds also love to live on roofs, which are both unsightly, and a threat to structural integrity. We use specialized pressure washing equipment and proprietary techniques, like zero-pressure washing, to remove algae and moss from your roof safely and more efficiently. You end up with a roof that looks like new and a home that looks its best.

A Nasty Roof To A Beautiful Home

You may not realize how the cleanliness of your roof affects the overall appearance of your home, but it does. With most houses, half of the view of the house is the roof line, so a clean roof makes a world of a difference. Once we’ve washed away dirt and algae from your roof, your entire home will give off a clean and inviting feeling.

Once our team got to work, this customer’s original roof color came back

Safe In Our Hands

To ensure that your roof is not damaged whatsoever during the cleaning process, we forgo pressure washing altogether. Instead, we use a proprietary zero-pressure system along with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean and sanitize your roof. There’s no need to worry about runoff– the chemicals we utilize are safe to use around your home. We also guarantee no cracks, so a surprise leak in the roof is not in the cards. We’ll give your home the white glove service, to make certain you’ll use Westlake Home & Commercial Services time and time again.

This customer’s asphalt shingle roof was renewed with no pressure

Saving You Money And Extending Roof Life

If not cleaned and maintained, algae have the ability eat away at your roof and cut its life in half. By performing regular upkeep and washing of your roof, you are ensuring that your home’s value is protected as well as that of your roof. Not only are you protecting your investments, you’re also actually saving money in the long run. Instead of spending tens of thousands on a new roof, you’re contributing to the overall health of your home on a regular basis for a nominal fee.

Additionally, a clean roof means your utilities can run more efficiently. A clean roof deflects more sunlight and heat, so your home’s internal temperature is easier to regulate. This results in lower cooling costs and savings in the warmer months.

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