Supporting Austin Businesses As They Reopen

Supporting Austin Businesses As They Reopen

As our state begins to reopen, it’s hard to know how to resume life in a way that keeps us and our community healthy. One thing we can do to help our neighbors is to support local businesses and keep our money in the local economy.

Part of what makes Austin special is our longtime devotion to living locally; now more than ever it’s important to continue this tradition. By eating and shopping locally we can help Austin get back to normal faster. 

#1 – Support Local Restaurants

Austin restaurants are one of the main reasons why our city has made its mark on the national scene. Our local character is influenced by the hardworking people devoted to farm-to-table food, diverse flavors, and communal celebration. The places we love to kick back and relax, enjoy special occasions, and play cornhole with friends are on the verge of folding after extended closures. 

You can support the places you’d normally be going out to by buying gift cards you can use in the future or ordering food for takeout or delivery. This helps service industry workers who would otherwise be unemployed, and could help prevent your favorite restaurant from having to close permanently. Whenever possible, pick up the phone and order from the restaurant directly instead of using apps. Those apps charge restaurants high fees for their services that many are struggling to pay. 

As restaurants start to re-open for dining in, patronize those that are following new regulations to keep customers and employees safe, such as spacing tables six feet apart and requiring the wearing of masks. We’re all eager to get outside and enjoy our old haunts; just make sure you do so safely!

#2 – Shop Directly From Your Favorite Retailers

The greater Austin area is home to thousands of small shops and boutiques. Buying gift cards or shopping online directly can help them keep the lights on in the future. Plan ahead for birthdays and even Christmas! When the time comes, you’ll have your shopping done and you can feel good about helping our neighbors. Since April 24, Austin retailers have been able to offer curbside pickup, too.

#3 – Participate in a Virtual Exercise Class

Whether you miss your yoga studio or can’t wait till you can hit the climbing gym again, you can still work out from the comfort of your own home with tips from the fitness professionals you love. The Statesman compiled a great list of local businesses offering at-home workouts.

#4 – Show Support On Social Media

A lot of businesses have turned to blogging, vlogging, and connecting with their customers online during this crisis. If you can’t spare to spend right now, you can still make a contribution by shouting out your favorite businesses on social media. Share GoFundMe links with your network, give some
one a positive review, or simply like their posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

#5 – Shop at Local Grocery Stores or Sign Up For a CSA

We all love HEB, but now is a great time to do some of your shopping at smaller stores that are locally owned. Eater wrote up a list of local markets and smaller grocery stores in Austin. If you miss going to the Downtown or Mueller farmer’s markets on the weekend, check to see how you can continue to support small farms in Central Texas.

#6 – Buy Books from an Indie Bookstore

Now is the time to catch up on all the books you’ve been meaning to read. Instead of ordering from Amazon, why not support indie stores that employ Austinites? BookPeople is the most popular of the independent bookstores, but don’t forget about BookWoman, Malvern Books, and South Congress Books.

#7 – Treat Yourself

It’s a stressful time! Local spas are offering at-home DIY treatments and lots of local bartenders are doing virtual cocktail classes. It’s more than okay to spend time and money on self-care that’s a little indulgent right now.

#8 – Hire Pros To Refresh Your Exterior

Keeping a clean, healthy home is everyone’s priority right now. Hiring a professional ensures sanitization while stimulating the economy. As you know, we’re a small business born and bred in Austin. We’re currently offering no-contact cleanings of your home’s exterior to keep your backyard and exterior surfaces clean and fresh so you can better enjoy them.

Find out everything we’re doing to sanitize your home safely during this time. Get in touch with us for a free estimate.