Turn Your Backyard Into a Summer Vacation Spot

Turn Your Backyard Into a Summer Vacation Spot

We could all use a vacation. But if it’s not possible to get away this summer, you can plan a staycation in your backyard instead. Changing up the scenery to make it more relaxing can go a long way towards making you feel refreshed. 

First: envision where you want to be. On a beach sipping drinks with umbrellas? Relaxing at a mountain cabin after a day of hiking? Decorate with your dream vacation in mind, whether it’s inspired by the tropics, the Mediterranean, or a woodsy national park.

While themed accents will complete your backyard’s look, there are some ways you can turn your backyard into an amazing vacation destination, no matter your dream getaway.

Hang a Hammock

If you do nothing else, buy a hammock that you love and you’ll have a relaxing getaway anytime you need it. Picture being able to fall asleep to morning birdsong and a nice breeze… you’ll feel carefree already.  If you have two trees that can support weight close enough to each other, it’s easy to hang one. If not, there are a lot of great options online for hammocks that come with a stand.

Invest in New Patio Furniture

Take some of the money you’d put away for vacation and use it to invest in patio furniture that will last. Look for pieces that are hardy, resistant to natural elements, and washable. Make sure the material will do well in your backyard (will they be undercover? in direct sun?). And don’t forget to get a table big enough to eat on. Dining under the stars is an easy, romantic way to break up your routine.

If you already have a patio set that you love, but it’s seen better days, getting your outdoor furniture professionally cleaned will make it look like new. (We actually include this service for free with every deck and patio cleaning!)

Light & Shade

You’ll probably need a little more lights than the stars provide to eat dinner outside. We love umbrellas that do double duty: provide shade during the day and light at night. Complete the look by hanging a string of lights from tree branches or around the deck posts.

Build a Fire Pit

Nothing keeps the party going like a fire. Telling stories around a fire is nostalgic, exciting, and comforting. Building your own fire can be as small or as large a project as you make it. You can build one from scratch using bricks, find one at your local home improvement one, or buy one online that you can customize. Your kids will feel like they’re away at camp while roasting s’mores over your new fire pit. 

Swing, swing

Speaking of summer camp, your kids will get endless enjoyment out of a tree swing. It’s quite easy to hang a swing safely, and it will bring a lot of fun for the whole family. If you’re not feeling too handy, consider treating the kids to a trampoline, slip n slide, or bounce house. Having fun and being active will wear them out, which will give you a break, too!

Hanging a porch swing can bring as much joy to adults as a tree swing for a child. Doesn’t sipping a cocktail while swinging on your porch sound nice? 

Set Up for Happy Hour

If you’re up for a project, an outdoor bar is one of the most fun. Once again, you can go as simple or complex with it, either building an expansive tiki bar from scratch or buying a mobile bar cart works just as well. Stock up on the ingredients for your favorite vacation cocktail, and go all out with it! Cut up fruit for garnishes to feel fancy like you’re at a resort. 

Grow Your Green Thumb

Summer is the perfect time to start a garden or redo your landscaping. Choose plants that match your favorite vacation spot (as long as they can grow in your home climate). Being surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants will help transport you far away.

Renew Your Entire Backyard All At Once

No matter how much you decorate, you probably won’t feel relaxed until your backyard is clean. The first step towards turning your backyard into your favorite summer vacation spot should be a thorough cleaning. You can sanitize your outdoor space easily and quickly by calling professionals. We can pressure wash your entire backyard, including your house’s exterior and deck, patio, and pool area, to clean away dirt, mold, and mildew no matter the type of surface. 

We use an eco-friendly solution that’s tough on germs and viruses (including coronavirus) and 100% safe for your newly planted garden as well as kids and pets. Get a free estimate today for a no-contact cleaning.