Your Fall Outdoor Cleaning Checklist

Your Fall Outdoor Cleaning Checklist

Spring is known as the season for cleaning, but did you know that cleaning in the fall can help you save money over the winter? It can also ease the stress of holiday decorating and hosting.

Using the season change as a chance to take stock, renew, and refresh is always a good idea. With dead leaves, dying flowers, and unusable gardens, fall is the perfect time to deep clean and encourage new growth.

So, take advantage of the cooler mornings and evenings and tackle the following outdoor fall cleaning checklist.

Better yet, kick back and leave it to the pros.

#1 Clean Your Roof ☑

A clean roof has many benefits. Besides improving the appearance of your home, cleaning extends the life of your roof, cuts down on your utility costs, and creates a healthier -and safer- environment for you and your family.

Storms and regular rainfall result in leaves, branches, and debris collecting on your roof. After enough time, these things turn into moss and algae.

As your home’s temperature moderator, your roof has a big role to play in both winter and summer. During the colder months, its job is to insulate your home. The problem is, the organisms that have been making a home on your roof could cause cracks and holes in your roof, allowing air to leave your home and causing a spike to your heating bill.

Cleaning a roof, however, is both tricky and dangerous. At Westlake HCS, we have decades of experience tackling tough roof clean ups. We offer a guaranteed damage-free roof cleaning.

#2 Gut Those Gutters ☑

Perhaps the most well-known – and most hated – autumn chore is to clean your gutters. Falling leaves easily clog gutters and downspouts, making your house look messy. More importantly, dead leaves decompose quickly, and can cause a lot of damage to your property. The moisture from wet, dead leaves quickly breeds mildew, which can rot wood on your roof or siding. If you wait too long, low temperatures can turn loose debris into blocks of ice which can weigh down your gutters, causing them to sag and resulting in them needing to be repaired or replaced.

Cleaning out your gutters, however, is a dangerous task. It takes an experienced person to navigate cleaning while on a high ladder. Leave the job to us, and don’t put yourself at risk without reason.

#3 Power Wash Exterior Walls  ☑

It’s imperative to prevent mold growth during the winter. Over the last few weeks, chances are pollen has been steadily accumulating on your siding. If left alone, it can harden and become very difficult to remove from your exterior walls, especially once it’s been frozen.

Biological pests – that is, mold, mildew, and algae, are at their slowest growth period during the winter. If you remove them now, you’re preventing them from re-growing next spring in full force. If you don’t, they will lie dormant, ready for the first sign of warm weather to multiply and spread like wildfire.

Nip this problem in the bud by power washing your siding during the fall and prevent damage to your home’s exterior.

Our professionals can restore your home’s natural radiance in a safe manner. We use a proprietary solution that eliminates dirt and build-up without stripping your paint or damaging materials.

#4 Make Those Windows Shine ☑

Pollen and debris from trees have been battering your windows over the last few months. If left alone, they will become caked and frozen on your windows.

As the amount of light decreases, you’ll want every bit of natural light you can get. You’ll be amazed at the difference clean windows make in your home.

Additionally, once you start using the heat, condensation around the windows not only looks bad but can damage your windows frame. A deep clean can prevent damage from excess moisture.

We offer both interior and exterior window cleaning. Let us handle the tough task of reaching those second and third story windows. 

#5 Say Goodbye to Driveway Dirt  ☑

Whatever summer fun you had on your driveway may have left its mark in the form of grease, stains, dirt, or grime. Power washing is the most effective (and eco-friendly) way to clean your driveway. Get to these stains before they set in over the winter.

#6 Make Your Patio Pretty  ☑

If you took full advantage of summer, there’s a good chance that those fun activities left behind sticky drinks and leftover food on your patio or deck. Keep bugs and rodents away by thoroughly cleaning these surfaces.

In Austin, we’re lucky enough to still be able to enjoy outdoor fires during the colder months. You want to make sure that your space is clean and ready for them.

#7 Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture  ☑

Speaking of spending cozy autumn evenings on your patio, you need to be able to enjoy sitting out there.

Survey any furniture you will not use in the coming months, like umbrellas and children’s toys, and clean it before storing it to prevent bugs from making a permanent home in them and stains from ruining your furniture – especially on upholstery.

If you plan on using your outdoor furniture, or do not have space to store it, protect it using covers or weatherproof tarps.

We offer complimentary outdoor furniture cleaning when we power wash patio, deck, or pool areas.

#8 Prepare Your Pool Area for Winter  ☑

If you have an outdoor pool, it’s time to drain the water and cover it to prevent leaves from falling in. Winterize exposed pipes and faucets to prevent bursting. You should also drain and store any garden hoses.

Whether your pool deck area is tile, brick, or wood, we know the right way to clean it.

Bringing a professional in to do this will not only leave your pool deck much cleaner, but it will save you hours of scrubbing the old-fashioned way to get at notoriously difficult mold and mildew. We will remove debris from the deck, stairs and surrounding areas and leave them looking like new.

#9 Freshen Up Your Steps and Walkways ☑

If you have a walkway leading up to your front door, or one leading away from your backyard, it can make a world of difference to your curb appeal to get it professionally cleaned. Don’t forget your steps, either! These often-neglected surfaces see the most foot-traffic at your home, and often get discolored and stained. While it’s almost impossible to make concrete or bricks look like new with soap and a brush, our power washing techniques make them look like new.

Get All Your Fall Cleaning Done in One Day With Us

Cleaning the exterior of your house is a necessary but cumbersome chore. There’s a lot to be done come fall in order to be prepared for winter! Most of the time, it’s better to let the pros handle it.

Routine pressure washing is an investment that preserves the hard work you put into your house and increases the longevity of your siding, deck, gutters, and pavement.

It also protects from health hazards and safeguards your family from allergies and pests.

Contact us today for a free estimate! We offer no-contact exterior cleaning services at your convenience. Just mention this offer and save $75 off any (1) service when you book by November 1st.