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No Need to Renovate

It’s human nature to want to refresh our surroundings. After a while, we feel stifled by old surroundings and need a revamp to inspire and boost creativity. Redoing your house walls, walkways and driveway can certainly give your home that revamped

Fall Fun for Austin Locals

While we may not have autumn in the traditional sense, this time of year in Austin is still something special. From Longhorn football to Austin City Limits Festival, the city is buzzing with activity. Of course, as a local, you

Restore Your Entire Home’s Exterior With Us

Many homeowners put a lot of effort into maintaining the inside of their homes. They will spend hours cleaning themselves, or they will hire cleaning services and housekeepers for regular upkeep. But they often don’t spend much time on the upkeep

Our Pick of Late Summer Austin Events To Check Out

Back-to-school is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop yet– quite the opposite, actually! Starting in late August, Austin happenings rev up as students and tourists flock back to the city. Check out our pick

Austin Summer Events We’re Looking Forward To

Here in Austin, the “lazy dog days of summer” are not so lazy. In the hotter months, the city buzzes with activity from Round Rock to Buda.  With so many choices of things to do, it can get overwhelming deciding

Eco-Friendly Residential & Commercial Cleaning in Austin

Go Green With Some Small and Easy Steps You may not be able to solve global warming by yourself. However, you can still make a difference. By making small and realistic adjustments in your day-to-day habits, you can play a part in creating