Our Painting Process Ensures Perfect Results

Our Painting Process Ensures Perfect Results

When painting your home the key to getting a beautiful long-lasting application is using a proven process. At Westlake Home & Commercial Services, our team of painting professionals follow a strict a step-by-step painting procedure with every interior and exterior paint job. This ensures our customers get perfect results–every time. 

Interior Painting

Nothing brings new life to the rooms inside your home like a well-executed paint job. Our 6-step interior painting process ensures this happens.

Color selection

Color selection is an important pre-step we take with our clients, and we highly recommend having samples for review during different times of the day to ensure the color is pleasing to the eye. We can arrange to have samples delivered and will also conduct a consultation upon request, for a small additional fee.


Once a color has been selected, our team will arrive and prepare the designated areas with drop clothes, builder paper, plastic and tape where necessary. Furniture will be covered and moved away from walls and all and outlet and switch covers will be removed.


Our team will also make any general repairs within our scope, including minor sheetrock repair, crack seals, wallpaper removal, and caulking.


Now the fun part begins! By using brushes and rollers whenever possible (acoustic ceilings must be sprayed), our professionals will apply your selected paint to the surfaces agreed upon at the start of the job.


After the paint is applied, our crew will conduct a full clean up by moving furniture back into place, placing outlet and switch covers back on, and removing all trash and debris properly and off-site.

Walk-through & inspection

Lastly, a formal walk-through and inspection will be conducted by the Project Manager to ensure Westlake has completed the job to your complete satisfaction.

Exterior Painting

Repainting the outside of your home can add a huge amount of curb appeal. Our 8-step exterior painting process, that includes power washing, achieves the best look and long-lasting paint application.

Color selection

One of the most important steps a client will make is the selection of their paint color. We recommend obtaining samples and can work with you to help determine the appropriate selection. If necessary, we also suggest obtaining approval from your homeowner’s association prior to the finalization of your paint color.

Pressure washing

After deciding on a color, the Westlake team will schedule a time to pressure wash the exterior of your home to clean any dirt, debris, and mold present on the exterior service. This is essential for the paint to adhere properly.


After pressure washing, our team will complete any scraping and minor wood repair needed within our ability. This includes clearing loose paint and repairing any loose boards – all of which are done by hand with wire brushes and small tools. Once the surface is clean and clear of loose materials, primer will then be applied to bare wood, metal surfaces, water stains, rust and any new carpentry.


Priming these locations will penetrate the material to provide a seamless bonding surface. We do point out that plywood surfaces will need the application of a special primer designed to fill any cracking typically present after time.

Once priming is complete, our team will perform necessary caulking to seams, joints, cracks, nail holes minor wood joints, and windows and doors. And to ensure that your house is sealed properly, we utilize a 40-year rated siliconized acrylic caulk; which will give you years of peace of mind avoiding weather and insects getting inside your home.

Painting options

Once all of the cleaning and prep work is complete, we present clients with several different types of painting options, depending on the state of their exterior and the type of paint selected. For example, one home may need spot priming and one coat of paint, while another may need full priming and two coats of paint — every home is different and we personalize our service for this reason.

Cleanup & inspection

Once your exterior is painted, our crew will perform a full clean up to remove all debris and trash off-site, leaving your receptacle free for your normal household waste. And finally, our Project Manager will perform a full inspection of the site with you and the crew to ensure everything is done to your 100 percent satisfaction.

Why Choose Westlake HCS for Home Painting?

From coming to your home to provide a free-detail estimate all the way through cleaning up at the end of the job, we make it our mission to provide you with the highest level painting experience. We complete high-quality work on-time and within your budget, and scheduling with us is easy and convenient.

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